Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Very Accurate Test

Date: 30/1/11(Sun)

What do you think of when you saw this necklace.
This is a very accurate test to see which age group you belong to.

I wear this to church today, and this is the responses I got.
In a sample size of about 15 people.

Age below 35 years old
"Facebook ??"
"Facebook !!!!"
"Waaaa...... Facebook....."
"Huh...... Facebook....."
"Walau eh... Facebook...."

Age above 35 years old
"Fish ?"
"Faith ?"
"Foo Lee Lian ?"
"Felicia ?"
"F ??"

So what do you think of when you first see this picture?

想念你的 DAY 4

自蓉带了我去买了这polka dot pants, 本人超喜欢超爱的!



想念你的 DAY 3......


Saturday, January 29, 2011

水魚 Water Fish

Date: 28/1/2011 (Fri)

TY learns a new Cantonese word today from the colleagues.

水魚 suey-yu (Water fish)
- Ignorant people who easily fall in to a trap of fraud.

An example scenario:
A guy always agree to give his friends a treat when he was asked to.
All his friends were happy but his wife was not.
Wife: Can you stop being a suey-yu ??!!


想念你的 DAY 2...


Friday, January 28, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011


趙治德, my favourite song writer of all times.

主唱: 林道远 (星光二)
作词/曲: 趙治德
Album: 约书亚乐团第11张 敬拜赞美专辑 HAPPY DAY

理智在狂奔 在无声讨论
当感觉已冰冷 心还能否忠诚
不管伤多深 只要我们还愿意就可能
带着重来的渴望 坦然过去的悲伤
每个懂爱的人 一定也懂得等

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Letters to God

A true story of Tyler Doherty.

Dear God,

Thank You that You give joy, peace and hope to the sick ones.
And thank You for making them and their families Warriors.

In loving remembrance of Brother Gabriel Seow.

J.W. ?

Date: 12 Jan 2011

Have a random discussion with YJ on Job 1:6.
And after the commentary on my Life Application Study Bible is not enough.
I turn to Google.

And having a hard time understanding point#1... then point#2......
then point#3.....

"If Satan were a rebel angel with access to heaven until 1914 (as J.W.'s assert), this would invalidate the Lord's prayer."

TY: "What is J.W.?"
YJ: "It may be a person's name."

Google J.W..

Then read the footnotes of the page.

"Things In Which It Is Impossible For God To Lie", (Brooklyn, New York: Watchtower Bible And Tract Society of N.Y. Inc., Int. Bible Students Ass. Brooklyn, N.Y., 1965), p. 48.

It's a JW site.
You know, that JW.

A reminder to all to be extra cautious while reading online.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Colleague: "Does anyone knows what's 'sabun(soap)' in hokkien?"
Colleague: "My husband's friend already asked the whole Penang and Butterworth. Nobody knows."

Back in office, and TY does some research online.

Source 1:
Sabun is a word used in both China and Taiwan. It is a vocabulary in
Hokkien. I believe a few generations back some people said Tee Khoo
(phonetically Tee as in tea, Khoo as in dollar – most people might spell as
Teh Khor). But today, Sabun is indeed an understood word across all Hokkien
speaking regions, I would say.

Source 2 :
Douglas’ dictionary (1873) shows sabun was used even then. In the old days
there were various different types of soap: pui-tso was a kind of black
soap (皂 means black), but there were also i-tso, tso-kiap, peh-ih, etc.
Te-khơ was made from the husks of camellia seeds; uiN-bak-chi and ba-bui
were different fruits that were used as soap.

Source 3:
Sabun = savon (french) = savon (spanish) = sabun (hokkien)
It is only the english use soap!!!

Source 4:
In Taiwan, you can say "satbun" for soap. "Satbun" is not a Minnan word and
came from one of the indigenous Taiwanese languages in the mountains maybe
Ami or Tsou or Paiwan.

Source 5:
茶箍 tê-kho (day koh)

TY the Great is back


It says it all.
TY is back.