Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Sunday ~~~

Date:14/5/09 (Sun)
Time: 12pm
Place: AIM

it's the activity-filled Sunday again......

from the Eden Handicap Service Center.... a testimony .....

a wheelchair dance.....

Time: 6.26pm
Place: Four Season restaurant, Sunway Tunas

2day Sifu n Simou bring Chin Wen n TY here for dinner.....

What's so special about this place:

1. A very fast cooking
The food is served few mins after u ordered

2. Tasty
the food not bad lo... i like the soup... wekkekekekke....

3. Ban Ji kuk Tua Teh (Cheap n Big)
we ordered Chicken, Vege(big plate lo), Sotong n Egg.... RM48

4. Free Soup n Fruits
yea... it's free~~~~~

Time: 8pm
Place: CCOP, Bayan Lepas

den we continue worshipping the Lord at CCOP! weeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~

yeaa... praise looks good on u Penang!

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