Thursday, November 27, 2008

A letter from the new INTI boss

INTI sent my dad a letter...

huh ??!!!!

INTI's new logo? with Laureate's name on it !!

wow.... INTI sent all the parents to inform bout the new boss thingy...

A 2-pages letter with an opening which i feel a bit funny...

"You would have heard by now that the INTI Education Group is part of Laureate International Universities.........."

Y dun they terus cakap "INTI is now part of Laureate" ?
makes ppl feel dat the selling of INTI is done under the table... den baru announce.....
funny la.....

"You will soon also see a fresh, revitalised and integrated advertising, communications and marketing strategy ..................."

The advertisement:

n the comments i heard from ppl regarding the New Inti advetisement:
"Huh ??!!"
"Hami lai ?"
"Aiyo..... see liao oso duno it's an advertisement of a school....."
"Dun understand the meaning of the advertisement.... waste money to advertise only...."

So this is INTI's new boss....

The story behind:

1 comment:

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