Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kazue's Stringraphy

"When I stood in the forest I felt it would be wonderful if I could stretch hundreds of string threads in the trees and transform the whole forest into an instrument."

That's how it all began. Sound and visual artist Kazue Mizushima has not only invented the new term 'Stringraphy' but also a sensational new musical instrument. 

It is a geometric web made up of silk threads and paper cups ─ remember how we used the same materials to 'telephone' our friends?

The installation transforms the entire performance space into one big acoustic 'harp',  immersing both performers and audience in the melodic vibrations within the resonating chamber. 

And the music it plays? Oh, it's quite unlike anything you've heard before. Sometimes it is as upbeat and sunny as a Vivaldi tune, other times it's a bit nostalgic, and sometimes it sounds a  bit blue like music from the era of vinyl records. Stringraphy is sure going to tug at your heartstrings.

Taken from:

saw this at one of the Astro channels...

the making of the instrument...
see the pic on the right ?
the strings must be 'rosin-ed' to produce sound!
(rosin is the small cake dat we always rub on the violin bow..)

now watch it urself....

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